Rebel Alliance Roasters are a small batch specialty coffee roaster. Sourcing quality coffee responsibly, our mission is to support and progress a truly transparent supply chain that promotes sustainability.

Born out of a passion for all things coffee,  we are geeks across the realms of science and technology and also pretty darn passionate about this little (young) planet known as earth.

We live and breathe all things coffee! From seeking to deeply understand the origins of coffee and the beans we have on offer to having sound knowledge of the many brew methods available, geeking out over all the awesome coffee hardware both past and present.

Our small batch roasting techniques include profiling every roast to ensure we bring out the full potential each origin has to offer. Further to this we tailor our profiles to compliment the season in which the roast is being crafted, comforting and warm in winter to a vibrant party animal in summer.

Carrying on from paying homage to the origin of the beans, our head roaster has a unique style emphasising sweetness and body giving our coffees a wonderful balance across the entire profile.

Yes, we are sci-fi nerds too with a particular appreciation for that galaxy far far away…

No matter which galaxy you are exploring in your coffee journey, Rebel Alliance Roasters will help you find the light and guide your tastebuds to some purely indulgent quadrants.

Join the alliance!