We’re happy when our customers are happy! Here at Rebel Alliance Roasters it’s important to us to optimise the customer experience.

Roasted coffee is known to degrade quickly. Oxidisation occurs from the moment the coffee has left the roaster, so our coffee is packed in specialty packaging to lock in freshness. It is our focus to send the freshest of products out to you, our valued customer.

While freshly roasted coffee has a theoretical shelf life of several months, it really starts to become ‘stale’ within three to four weeks of being roasted – this is one of the reasons we suggest home enthusiasts consider purchasing 250g bags at a time.

Over that short period, many traits such as aroma, body, crema, and sweetness of the coffee start to deteriorate. These are the traits in which Rebel Alliance Roasters pride ourselves on.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us in the first instance. We will happily work with you to troubleshoot any issues and/or reach resolution.

Because our primary focus is the positive customer experience, we have the following practices in place to reduce the likelihood of any issues:

Postage and transport handling

To minimise likelihood of missing parcels or other postage issues, all purchases are sent via tracked post and the applicable tracking number is provided to you.

Coffee is packed in specialised, durable packaging which is heat-sealed and further sealed with a zipper system, to reduce likelihood of any damage in-transit. Brewing equipment and accessories are shipped with care in the applicable manufacturer’s packaging.

Rebel Alliance Roasters do not accept responsibility for any mishandling of packaging during transportation after it has left our business premises. We recommend you consider postage insurance at your cost if this is a concern for you. To add postage insurance, please leave a comment in your order and we will update the cost on your invoice accordingly.

Mistake in order

If you accidentally order the wrong product, please contact us immediately. Where possible, we will resolve this prior to posting the incorrect order and avoid any need for return postage.

In the unlikely event you are sent the incorrect coffee product, please notify us immediately. We will work with you to arrange for the correct product to be sent as soon as possible (usually within two business days). If we are not notified within a reasonable period and/or you have consumed some/all of the incorrect product, it is at our discretion as to whether we will send the correct product out as a replacement or offer a store credit towards future purchases. Any store credit/s would be at a value determined by Rebel Alliance Roasters.

Refunds and credits

Ultimately, we are all here for the same love of coffee, our job here at Rebel Alliance Roasters is to keep you caffeinated and your taste buds happy.

If we are unable to reach an agreeable resolution, it is at our discretion to issue a refund or store credit to you.

Any store credit issued will remain on your account for twelve months from the date of credit being applied, or until you use the credit, whichever comes first. If you do not use the full value of a store credit within the one transaction, any balance remaining will continue to be available to you until absorbed in full (or the twelve months from applied date, whichever comes first).

If the decision is made to refund a purchase in part or in full, refunds will be issued to the payment method used in the original transaction.

We pay fairly

Yes, for sure, our coffee prices are significantly higher than what you pay at the supermarket. But there’s a really important reason for that…

We strive to pay the farmers a ‘fair’ price for their hard work. They put in countless hours of back breaking work to ensure their livelihood is producing the highest quality possible.

Often the returns the farmers get for their efforts is well below running costs, they are then forced to either leave the farm or take out ridiculous loans just to put food on their table.

The price we pay is significantly above commodity, further more we are investing in the farms future (i.e. purchase of new infrastructure).